11 Places you might be using your new logo

You made the leap and invested in your branding. Congratulations! You’re one step closer towards building brand recognition and establishing a connection with your ideal clients.

You recognized that customers come into contact with advertising everyday and you need to set yourself up to be taken seriously with a recognizable brand.

Of course, this will relate back to your own marketing strategy too, but it’s important you chose the right designer who will provide the essential files needed so you can use your files effectively no matter the scale and application. At the end of this post, I’ll go over what those files are so you’re informed before heading into your next logo or brand identity design project.

Below you will find the most common applications your logo might want to appear on to increase the visibility you’re after.

where you should be using your logo - by stephanie design


Be sure to put that shiny new logo where customers will find out about your business the easiest and most frequented – your Website! It should be displayed horizontally and works best when paired with your tagline or other brand elements like your bio.

how to use your new logo - by stephanie design

Business Stationery

It’s important your business stationery not only contains your logo but is well-designed. A well designed piece of stationery will add professionalism to the letters you send prospects, clients, and suppliers. It should also be consistent in terms of colors, type choices, and layout in aiding in this professionalism.

business card design - by stephanie design

Business Cards

Another common place you might find your logo is your business card. Don’t underestimate the importance of a business card in this digital age. You never know when the opportunity to connect with local business people may arise, and having your business cards designed and professionally-printed goes along way in establishing yourself and your credibility.

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Your favicon is the tiny square icon that appears to the left of your url. Typical Favicon formats include initials or a simple graphic that’s easily recognizable at the condensed format.


Whether you’re using Flodesk , MailChimp or any other email marketing platform, make sure to add your logo on the header part of the newsletter. Customers identify with brands through repetition and the goal is to build enough brand recognition that customer’s call on you when your type of product or service comes to mind.

In fact, you’re wasting prime real estate by not having your logo on company newsletters!

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Colors may a major part in brand recognition and physical signs provide a way to surround customers with visual cues.


Add large logos and taglines on the sides of your vehicles, so customers have no trouble reading the info. The more memorable the graphics, the easier it is for passersby to remember your business down the road.


Are you holding a sponsored event or giveaway? This is a great opportunity to get your logo in front of new customers. Print logos on promotional items that customers frequently use, such as apparel, totes, mugs, and lanyards.


Presentation templates such as Powerpoints are another outlet necessary for business owner’s to include their logo. Prepare them for the content ahead by including your professional logo design on your documents.

where to include logo - by stephanie design


Logos or submarks should also be used on social media. Especially when businesses research companies – it’s always a positive to have your logo on branded social media templates. Every time you post content, followers will be coming a step closer to familiarizing themselves with your brand and mission, and like I mentioned prior will understand what you’re all about!


Your email signature is one of the last things your reader will see on your email. This gives you the opportunity to remind them of your brand by including your logo on your signature.

where to use logo - by stephanie design

What Logo Files DO I DELIVER?

At the end of the design project, you should be receiving:

  • Logo design (color) in vector format

  • Logo design (black & white) in vector format

  • Vertical logo lockup

  • Horizontal logo lockup

  • Square lockup (for social profile images)

  • Different file formats (Ideally JPG, PNG, EPS)

  • Stationery design files + any other designed files

  • Style Guide (outlining fonts, colors, etc)

How I pull this all together at By Stephanie Design

Creating a brand style guide will help your brand maintain visual consistency and display professionalism through every detail of your brand. When I complete a logo for a business, I include brief brand guidelines document that includes CMYK, RBG, and Pantone values for logo and text attributes, as well as logo guidelines. 

Need help completing your rebrand with branded stationery, print materials, digital graphics, advertisements, promotional items or merchandise? I can help you create brand essential that help your business stand out and gain trust. Reach out today!

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February 12th, 2023


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