How to Add a Flodesk Form to Your Freebie & Newsletter Page

In a recent post I discussed why Flodesk is the email marketing platform of choice here at By Stephanie Design. I fell in love with creating and shooting emails off again after a long hiatus when I discovered this truly one-of-kind software. In a follow-up blog post I then mentioned why its useful for ambitious entrepreneurs to get in the mindset of using Workflows versus traditional Email Campaigns. You can really begin to grow your email list and nurture subscribers easily this way. 

The next and last step in the Flodesk integration process is simply setting up your email opt-in or newsletter sign-up in your Showit website correctly. 

Ultimately the goal here is when a visitor fills out an opt-in or newsletter form on your website the emails start flowing from Flodesk as expected and as set in your workflow. And you might have multiple opt-in’s throughout your site for difference audiences and offers – for example a waitlist opt-in for a new service you’re offering. You’d then send that email to those that opted-into that form only, not your entire list. 

So you can begin to see how segments in Flodesk can work well in delivering relevant content to a certain set of subscribers. It’s a really simple process once you start getting up and running in Flodesk, so let’s start!

What type of Flodesk form should I create? 

Flodesk offers a few options for forms to be displayed on your website. The best option is an inline form – this option lives directly on the page. You’d want this option since you can fully control the images or graphics presentation that might go with the opt-in when working in Showit. 

In this tutorial – I’m using the newsletter opt-in from my Aspire Showit Template (an in-line form)

Newsletter opt-in form in Showit

How do I style my Flodesk Form?

On my Showit templates there’s a dedicated placeholder form ready to go, matching the rest of the design theme, in which you can copy the colors and fonts from directly into Flodesk when creating your form. 

If you purchase one of my templates and you own or are an employee of a company with existing brand guidelines you need to keep, my Video Training includes a tutorial on how to change Font styles and colors globally throughout the site in one convenient settings panel so that can be completed first. 

After that stage is finished, then take it over to Flodesk and complete the steps below to customize your form to match.

Flodesk is one of the easiest (and quite fun!) Email Marketing softwares I’ve used as there’s no coding knowledge required. The interface makes customizing a form intuitive – you can change the fonts, colors, and anything else design-wise.

Adding the Customized Form to Showit

Once you finish customizing your form, click the Next button in the top right Complete a few prompts for settings, then you’re ready to implement their generated embed code onto your Showit website! Since we created an inline form, choose the code in second option:

Inline Code – This code is only needed for ribbon banners, not for pop-up forms. Click the square icon at the bottom center of the Showit Editor, and click Embed Code. Double-click on the new grey box displayed in the section & paste the inline code provided.

Chose Embed Code to integrate your Flodesk form onto Showit

With your inline code copied from Flodesk, paste directly into the Edit Code section, then hit Save!

You won’t be able to view the form on Showit, but you can view it in preview mode or in the published version. Remember to check on your mobile device as well to make sure it looks great! Once you’re ready, hit Publish and your form is live!

At By Stephanie Design my mission is to help entrepreneurs make a stunning and enduring online impression. Through Showit lets propel your business forward and equip you with the tools necessary to make us better by design. 

February 12th, 2023


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