How to Create Multiple Artboards in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator seems to have so many new useful features and is constantly re-inventing itself as the premier solution to alot of business communication needs – from logo design to illustration – including a newly released 3D feature as of 2022, it’s a game changer in crafting professional graphic design solutions for a variety of business needs.

One of the most practical uses for Illustrator is setting up social media graphics – and having multiple artboards all housing your designs to reference and is a pretty handy feature. For one, it ensures all designs are cohesive and two, it saves time in the long run flipping between different artboards throughout the program.

This can also be beneficial for other design applications, such as posters, web templates, blog layouts, and even other projects like business cards

Here’s how to set-up multiple artboards in Adobe Illustrator.

how to create multiple artboards in adobe illustrator - by stephanie design

By default, when you start a new document in Illustrator, you get one artboard of a standard size. But to create multiple artboards, follow these steps:


First, chose File -> New from the top menu.

When the New Document dialog box appears, you can manually enter in the size requirements on the right side menu under Preset Details.

The standard size for many social media marketing templates are:

Instagram post templates is 1080x1080px

Instagram Stories Templates are: 1080x1920px

how to create multiple artboards in adobe illustrator

As you can see, right beside the width and height field there’s an Artboard field. You’d just enter the amount you need here and hit Create.

Quick Tip: If you have an existing document open, you can also choose to create a new artboard within that project by navigating to the Artboards panel and selecting the New Artboard button at the bottom of the panel.

That’s it! Now you know how to chose the size of your documents and create the amount of artboards needed for your project!

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February 12th, 2023


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