Invest in the success of your business with high-quality photography

Having high-quality brand photography for your business can provide your ideal clients a window into your world as a business owner and establish a more meaningful connection. While it plays a pivotal important role in promoting and marketing your business, Brand Photography will also shine a light on your unique skills and values – something that resonates deeper after the release of a shutter button. 

As a Creative Director of my own graphic design studio, my biggest tip if you do want to invest is to simply to have your brand identity nailed down before heading into a Brand Photography shoot. You’ll feel more confident going into the shoot and it will set the tone. The littlest details are really great opportunities to showcase your brand qualities and you might find yourself unconsciously integrating your brand colors or other attributes (such as in the tools of your trade) in there to create some familiarity and make the shoot that much more personalized. 

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A sneak peak into your process 

And that’s the underlying goal of a brand photo shoot; to capture in a photograph the unique benefit of working with your business. The qualities that make your work what it is and the story that leaves an imprint on customers lives in a world where advertising hits us from all directions and we’re surrounded by so many messages. A picture can illuminate and do the talking! 

Quick tip: If you’re a Creative. consider the personality and mood of your brand. You can then have this reflected in the design, words, and imagery consistently. Are you minimal and bright? Colorful and abstract? Create a Pinterest board with inspiration and see what style of images you naturally gravitate towards. You should strive for consistency with the rest of the your brand. 

Across all touchpoints 

And like I mentioned the high-quality photography you receive from a Brand Photographer will elevate your experience working with a design studio. I’ll then be able to use them on your new website and marketing collateral to support the brand strategy I work through with clients. It can be critical to the impact and success of your website. You can have the most perfect site design but without the high-quality photography to match, your message may fall flat. 

Many photographers will also consider the format of the images in delivering a variety for many purposes. For example: some may have an adequate amount of white space and could be used as hero sections (i.e. your big content row at the top) of your website you can layer text onto, or for future ads/emails. While others are suitable for your blog and for re-pinning on Pinterest

When potential clients begin to see you alongside the work you do, they’ll begin to recognize your brand and can better identity with your brand voice and market. This enhances your value and enforces the trust you seek. You’re then a step closer to building a strong community and a valuable client base. 

Wrapping it up

With advertising hitting us from many directions, a strong visual brand is a great opportunity for the small business owner to come to life and share their value with their ideal customers through professional brand photography. Consider how branded photos can set expectations with your own audience when you develop your brand identity in engaging customers. 

February 12th, 2023


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