How to Create a Conversion-Focused Homepage

Ok if you hung around here for a minute, you know by now your Website should be fast-loading, contain essential SEO, utilize best mobile practices as the very bare minimum of your website strategy. 

But how exactly do you ensure your Website homepage promotes conversions and is actually pulling its weight in getting prospects to reach out? 

It’s all in the content you include on the homepage that compliments the inspiring design in conveying your business message or story you want to tell prospective clients/customers. 

When both work side-by-side, it spells great things for your business!

A conversion-optimized homepage structure can make or break your Website so these factors should weigh heavily in the development of your website design. 

So if you want to ensure your website is client-focused and engaging (and moves a visitor to action) so you know your Website is achieving the marketing you set it out to do, read on:

how to create conversion-focused homepage

Keeping your brand consistent 

Your branding sells your story so the perfect font choices, complimentary colors, icons or illustrations will all go far in setting you apart and help you stand out! 

So if you think the branding isn’t important, the truth is to most businesses design = marketing. Not ads or copy. Of course most corporate jobs you’d have a quality copywriter on staff, but alot of knee-jerk reactions are made due to design.

Realistically, you’ve probably heard a million times in the online marketing space before what you might need to include on your website, but the design aspect isn’t a clear-cut. 

That’s why it’s crucial to have someone whose speciality is branding and graphic design and understands how to use composition, hierarchy, and the fundamentals of design to showcase your business story in a natural progression. 

Without that essential component you’ll have basically a web developer whose focused on structure and functionality without the visual theme that actually makes the website stand out! 

Function without form. 

Alot of web developers are great at their area of expertise, but don’t understand marketing design in the least.

So it’s really the visual design that is going to inspire and move a customer to do what you intended them to do. 

A case study that got me to convert

Recently I googled spas in my area because my regular was fully booked for more than a month, and i came across a website for a relatively new medical spa that immediately got me interested in booking with them. They had clean, modern branding that immediately stood out and their website provided a great user experience as well. They included press logos and testimonials on their homepage with plenty of white space and breathing room. 

Another important feature was I immediately knew upon landing on their site exactly what their value was through a descriptive headline

Those are the essentials you should include. Another detail I should mention: They also had professional shots of their team members too which played more as a backdrop to the design but were just as important in my book. 

And most of all I was happy with the final service so ended up switching to them long-term! Their brochures and business card upon checkout also complimented their branding of their website and made me think “yep – they take their business seriously!” 

And that’s the goal of branding! 

Why I recommend Showit

If you’re not using Showit as your website platform you’re missing out! Never has it been this uncomplicated to have a website that looks how you want it to look and can manage completely on your own! 

Of course, as a professional designer I take care of the hard work for you: your Website needs to have a carefully-balanced combination of essential branding, a clear user journey, and functionality – its not just a pretty face! 

But trust me you’ll experience less tech hiccups on this platform, which makes my journey as a designer for website platform all the more meaningful. I don’t want to hand off your site, but need to know you’re equipped with the resources to make updates on the fly! Let’s put the control back in your hands so you can get back to business and have a stress-free experience! 


I hope this post gave you an idea of what to include on your homepage to influence action. With a Showit Designer your brand can stand out even moreso. If you’re looking for an intentional transformation, view my services or visit my Showit template shop. Reach out and let me know your branding and website plans.

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February 12th, 2023


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