The whys and hows of displaying pricing on your website

Your website is your biggest sales tool. It’s where customers find out about your services and offerings and decide to take the leap and book you. 

One of the main goals in working with a Creative Director and Graphic Designer is for me to make the task of displaying your business information and key offerings in a way that makes sense for your potential clients to process so they feel inspired to reach out. 

So how is this achieved? I have some guidelines I think will provide useful in displaying your packages and pricing in a way that connects.

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The intro

Your homepage is prime real estate for capturing the ‘who, what, where, and how’ that surrounds your services. 
It’s your grand entrance – your way of showcasing you’re here to serve your clients and want them to get excited in working with you and continue on the website journey! They’re not merely booking you for a set of photos or a rudimentary package and calling it a day – they want the full experience. Your expertise and qualifications are what set you apart – let’s highlight them seamlessly with a clear ‘discover our services’ or similiar call to action on your homepage to lead the way. 

When a customer works with me on a custom Showit Website, I’m using my expertise in the field of Graphic Design; using design principles to not only create a visual theme that resonates with your customers but using my judgment to highlight your offerings in a way that makes sense to each clients target audience. No two businesses are alike and I work with a variety of industries, so it follows that approaches may differ. 

When determining the visual direction of your brand, you should consider a couple questions: does the design communicate your brand personality? Would your target audience like it? If you answered yes to both, your branding efforts are established and we can move on to the next step. 

With that background out of the way, let’s think about why you would want to include pricing. 

Why include pricing?

You may be all too familiar with this scenario – you’re interested in booking a vendor for a service and simply want to see what they charge. I was in that situation recently when I needed to book a massage and my regular was fully booked for a month. I landed upon a beautiful, modern website for a local spa and noticed their pricing was available on their services page. And there was availability within a reasonable time frame. Being in the pinch I was I immediately booked and was glad I didn’t have to jump through hoops to find that information. I ended up booking them a couple more times since as well. 

Customers oftentimes land on your site from Google. In fact 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. (source)

Sharing your prices streamlines your process, frees up your time to focus on serious inquiries and improves the conversations you have with each client inquiry. 

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Where to add pricing?

I recommend going the old-fashioned route and creating a services page you can link from your navigation menu. Make it easy for your dream clients to reach and get acquainted with what you have to offer with an all-encompassing overview on your website. 

What if I have alot of content to share?

This is a great opportunity to create nested content for various services or offerings in the form of drop down menus or fly-out menus (see below). The creative possibilities of designing and developing in Showit are a major plus in avoiding the long, dreaded scroll. You could also create a primary services page and link each service individually out to its own page as well. That way visitors aren’t bombarded with too much information (remember alot of visitors will scan content) on a single page right away, but can find anything they need by digging deeper. 


Like I mentioned, people are in a hurry – they may be sourcing a few vendors before deciding. They wouldn’t want to reach out only to find you’re way out of budget, or jump on a long call only to find out they don’t really have the budget at all or don’t understand the value and work needed. It saves time on both sides.

As I’m sure you’re aware, your Website should be more than well-designed. It should share your business story and lead prospects further along the path from your homepage to ultimately a hot lead wanting to work with you. Considering cutting to the chase and inspiring prospects to reach out by listing your prices on your businesses website.

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February 12th, 2023


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