How to enhance your service-based businesses brand

It goes without saying that if you want to continually grow, you have to spend some to invest back into your business. For a lot of service-based business owners, that may mean marketing but it also means managing your time a bit differently, setting up automations or even delegating tasks. In my own business it means outsourcing time consuming work to experts (accountants). 

It’s important to note there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. It comes down to the type of business you run, who your target audience is, and what stage you’re in. These strategies give you some inspiration and thought for when you’re ready to commit to enhancing your branding, it’s one that will ultimately expand your reach so you can sell to more customers while promoting recognition for your business.

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Brand re-model

If you’re looking to reach a new level in business, keeping up with trends is a must, especially if you’re in an industry that thrives off it. An aesthetically-pleasing website goes along way in increasing your confidence around your business. There so many facets to take into account, which is why I offer a free website audit guide to get you started.

Ultimately, you should feel comfortable sending your Website to whoever fits your idea of ideal. Think of your website as a 24/7/365 sales ambassador of your business and the possibilities are limitless.

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Wedding Planner Showit Template available here

Brand photography

Investing in a half-day shoot with a photographer can help your business grow leaps and bounds. Once you start to grow it really can be a great way to stand out and give customers the complete picture surrounding your services and further the emotional connection with your audience. 

But when you’re ready to uplevel, a professional is definitely suggested! 

Tips to keep in mind: use your brand colors, include a variety of shots, headshots, full body shots, desk or working shots, etc) to get a full array of images that capture your brand’s personality! 

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Brand Photography by Abby Grace Photography

Streamline your graphics

If you’ve gotten this far, you ideally have a solid understanding of your brand and the look, feel, and tone you’re hoping to achieve. You know what fonts, colors. Icons, or patterns work best – so showcase that and increase brand visibility with consistent visuals you can use across Pinterest and Instagram. 

Uplevel your Content

To make strides towards growing your business, you need to share content that aligns with the value of the service you’re offering. You need to be intentional about the content you share in building brand awareness and creating a sustainable business.

A great strategy is simply brainstorming common questions you get asked by prospects and customers and turning them into longer blog posts. What would your ideal customer search for if they asked a question? What do they email you to ask? 

You don’t need to publish a fresh blog post everyday – in fact I don’t recommend it if you have your client work too. But if you have a goal to increase you organic traffic to your website, break that goal down into easier stepping stones. What action steps can you plan weekly or bi-weekly to move the needle?

Plan ahead and come up with ideas in you know will benefit your audience, you’re not pressured to post ‘x’ times a week, and have time to think up creative content ideas and put your unique spin on a topic.

Re-evaluate your packages 

Do you offerings align with the stage of business you find yourself in? Are they attracting the kind of clients you’d love to work with? Do you need to consider increasing your prices? 

As you begin to get inquiries you’ll understand how to package your services and continue to add value to your customers. You might consider setting a base price, with optional upgrades to meet customers where they’re at and customize your proposal to suit their wants and needs. If you really love working  on one sort of offering then fine-tune that offering, refine your copy, and get customers enthusiastic about it by featuring it front and center on your homepage and throughout your website! 

This has the added benefit of clarifying exactly what your business is, and what you offer without overwhelming prospects. 

Invest in automations

With service-based businesses, much of your time with be spent working with clients since it will be you (or maybe a team if your at that stage) providing the service. Investing in automations is essential in streamlining your communications and staying in touch with your audience. Email marketing platforms like Flodesk make running all the other important aspects of your business easier with pre-made templates you can tweak with your brand fonts and colors. Create workflows to nurture your email list and free up time so you can get back to business. 

Email is essential and in an online landscape that is constantly changing, the one platform that you can continually reach people and grow your business is through email. 

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