Use this if you struggle with email marketing

I knew in the new year I needed to up my email marketing game. With my brand photography shoot fast approaching and more products up my sleeve for my Graphic and Web Design business, I decided it was time to bite the bullet. 

In the past I’ve tinkered with Mailchimp and Constant Contact (and those are perfectly viable options for certain businesses) but for a designer’s eye and touch I found a better solution to my creative needs. 

So I kept hearing about this new email marketing solution and decided to give Flodesk the green light.

I signed up for their free trial and it’s like I found the answer to the my email marketing needs all along!

The wide array of templates to chose from, that I can customize to my branding, had me sold. I can even upload my brand fonts which I never even explored with other platforms. 

I’m a stickler for usability and what I appreciate most is their easy, intuitive and modern website interface making emails and forms seem much less of a chore and more like a seamless, fun experience.

So in this post I’ll give you the inside scoop on Flodesk and discuss why you ought to jump on the bandwagon if you’re struggling with email marketing.

use this if you struggle with email marketing - by stephanie design


As with any email marketing platform, sending content to segmented lists is a natural feature available to you. 

I like to simplify things so have only one segment set for a universal email sent to everyone for my small business marketing needs which I believe gets the job done. 

But the array of options for online business owners to delve further into segmenting lists and sending content based on your subscribers interests, are of course available on the email platform, too.

The Best Email Marketing Platform for Creative Entrepreneurs 

The great thing about Flodesk is crafting emails as a creative business owner is so much more efficient with Workflows. 

Set it and forget it! 

For example after someone subscribes to my list they’ll get a personalized welcome email within 24 hours then two days later they’ll receive another content-rich email.

It’s all scheduled and ready to go in my Flodesk workflow so I’m welcoming new subscribers into my brand with ease and delivering on that aspect more easily. 

Then after that that’s complete they’re sent periodic emails to stay in the know. I take a light approach to email marketing in simplifying things!

Who else is Flodesk for? 

Like I mentioned the possibilities for crafting unique and tailored emails (with zero coding knowledge!), and immersive forms and landing pages is a major selling point for those that want to send emails and more quickly and not spend too much time and hassle doing so!

So who is Flodesk for exactly, you ask?  

Anyone looking to send beautiful emails! I’d recommend them specifically for small business owners and creators like: artists, authors, bloggers, brick and mortar shops, business and life coaches, marketing consultants, ecommerce shops, fitness professionals, graphic designers, photographers, wedding industry professionals + more! 

How do i get setup?

So with all the benefits out of the way, I’d thought I’d quickly walk you through how to setup your domain name so your confident your emails are sent correctly should you decide to go forward! I know jumping straight into any software can be daunting and hopefully this alleviates any of your concerns making the leap! 

connect your domain - flodesk tutorial

Open account settings 

Step 1. In the Flodesk tab, go to your Account > Domain setup.

Step 2. Click on the button to start verifying your domain. It will bring you to a summary screen of the next steps.

Step 3. Select your domain provider from the drop-down menu.

Note: If you can’t find your domain provider, chose ‘Other Provider’ from the drop-down list.

how to connect domain in flodesk

Step 4. On the next screen, you will see the 2 sets of CNAME records that you need to add to the Domain Register Account. You simply copy and paste these into the DNS settings area of your hosting provider.

Step 5: On Flodesk continue through the prompts until you arrive at the Pending page.

connect your domain to flodesk - by stephanie design

Those steps will get your domain set-up correctly in Flodesk. My hope is you begin the process of growing your email list with their array of beautiful sign-up forms and email templates you can customize to suit your brand and business!

Sweetening the deal

You can begin to see how crafting your business communications just got easier with email marketing tools like Flodesk. In an effort to share the new-found love of email marketing I’d like to offer you a gift of 50% off your first year to this robust email marketing platform. 

Note: the above is an affiliate link which comes at no cost to you. If you go through them and purchase I may receive a commission. I only share tools I use everyday in my business and believe in. 

I’m sure you’ll find your email marketing efforts are taken up a notch in 2023! Enjoy! 

At By Stephanie Design my mission is to help entrepreneurs make a stunning and enduring online impression. Through Showit lets propel your business forward and equip you with the tools necessary to make us better by design. 

February 12th, 2023


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