How I manage copywriting ( + Make the customer the hero of your business story)

When working with a design studio on your next project, there’s always a discovery phase where I get important information from you, such as your business goals, mission, audience, and so much more. 

And one important component I’d craft from this knowledge is your copy. 

Your copy is a conduit to your success. Prospects should land on your site or read a brochure or sales flyer and think ‘Yes! This is what I wanted!”

I’m sure you already know this but the more strategic you are in crafting your copy, the easier your path forward will be. In this post I’ll go over how this all takes shape in my design studio! Just as you want a stunning website for your company, you’d also need help translating and clarifying your ideas surrounding your business offerings into a true brand propelling experience!

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Making your customer the hero

As you are well aware, you’re in business for a reason and that is to solve your customers problems. We need to highlight the benefits of working with you in a thoughtful and intentional way so your ideal client understands this – and have it mirrored across all touch-points. And in doing so, we turn the spotlight on them and make them the hero of your story.

You’re there to guide them along the way in turning a corner from curious visitor to imagining how their life can be transformed (even in a small way) after working with you.

Remember, people are a bit more likely to purchase a service or product if they feel like it’s tailored towards their unique needs. And this is why it’s important to clarify and understand your mission and target audience when working alongside a design studio in crafting your brand strategy. I touched on this in my What Makes Your Business Special post, but it’s good practice to be thinking of benefits versus features of your products or services to spark interest and develop that meaningful connection with your ideal customer.

Therefore, taking customers on an emotional journey through both design and copy is an essential way to build more brand loyalty. 

Copywriting tailored to fit

In my Graphic Design Studio I offer a Signature package that factors all touch-points in and really sells your expertise in crafting a holistic experience. 

And I know first-hand the importance of finessing this key part of your marketing. When I worked at a marketing agency it was my responsibility to work alongside copywriters in crafting both the creative and sales message in harmony so they both compliment, engage, and convert. 

So when I send you my Brand & Website Clarity Workbook, you won’t actually be writing your own copy, but the questions I ask are designed to pull unique storylines out of you and much more in showcasing your value and expertise to your audience. I ask alot of questions with the intent I then work my magic in crafting your website copy and more from the content you share in the 4-page Copy section of this workbook.  

All copy is composed in a Google doc first and approved by you before implementing on your website and marketing collateral.

Here’s a look at the projects a Copywriter takes on:

  • Sales email campaigns

  • Website copy

  • Landing page copy

  • Sales pages

  • Video scripts

  • Sales letters

  • Direct mail campaigns

  • Taglines

  • Social media


As you can see, when as much attention is put into your copy as your Brand Identity and Website design, we ensure your marketing is aligned and helps you reach the level you’re striving for as a business owner. Let’s think intentionally of the transformation you’re striving for so you can guide your customers towards success. 

Want to put this into action?

Want to craft a story around your brand that focuses on your clients problems and how you help solve them? My Bespoke Branding Package works to achieve that! Contact me to move forward today!

At By Stephanie Design my mission is to help entrepreneurs make a stunning and enduring online impression. Through Showit lets propel your business forward and equip you with the tools necessary to make us better by design. 

February 12th, 2023


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