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You put a lot of work into producing high quality content for your business and blog so when the time comes that a potential client asks for all you have to offer, the best way to seal the deal is always through a media kit. 

Many people assume to media kits are only for bloggers with very large audiences – but that couldn’t be further from the truth! That’s really only half of the equation when brands look to partner with you.

If you focus on creating high-quality content, and develop a personal brand that establishes your credibility in the industry along with strengths apart from your business, companies will take notice.

So, how do you broach the conversation of sponsorships? A media kit is the simplest and most effective way to get started.  



First, What is a Media Kit?

Let’s begin with the basics: A media kit is a document that encapsulates who you are and what your blog is all about. In the same way a resume presents your experience in your chosen field, a media kit is essentially your ‘blog resume,’ allowing you to put your best foot forward and show advertisers how they can benefit from working with you! 

You can use your media kit for a variety of means, such as to help sell ad spots on your site, write sponsored posts, offer product reviews, receive publishing offers, and create brand partnerships. 

Second, How Do You Make a Media Kit?

Since media kits are comprised mostly of text, I use Adobe InDesign to create mine which allows you the most range of tools to fully-customize it, but you may also use Photoshop or Canva. 


What Should You Include in Your Blog’s Media Kit? 



That beautiful new logo you had created should make an appearance in the header of your media kit to establish professionalism and memorability. 


It’s a good idea to have a professional portrait at the ready so brands can readily identify you and put a ‘face to the name.’ 

Purpose of your blog:

The Who, What, Where, and Why’s you want to answer. If you don’t want to bucket yourself in a niche, strive for finding and honing your voice and stick to that. Make note of how you are different and what makes you unique! You don’t necessarily have to specialize in one topic (ex. bloggers that cover a lot of topics such as travel, fashion, lifestyle, fitness, career are a prime example). In any case feel free to be personable – brands like when they feel they can relate and connect with you! 

Short bio about yourself:  

Marketers need to know more about the person and blog reaching out to them. Things to include in your bio include how old your blog is, what kind of topics you write about, and any special info that would appeal to that advertiser. Again, any details that make the advertiser read your bio and think “Hey! They’d be an excellent fit!” 


 As with any business that wants to get results from working with you, statistics help paint the desired outcome. As I mentioned before, they don’t encapsulate the entire picture, but they give you an indication of your audience and reach. For statistics I recommend including the following: 

  • Your subscribers: RSS, social media, etc.

  • Monthly pageviews

  • Monthly unique visitors

  • A quick overview of demographics of your readers, which may include age range, gender, etc

List of brands you have worked with: 

If you already have some collaborations, then be sure to include them. This can take the form of their brand logos or more complex such as a case study from a previous collaboration. Be sure to note the results of the collaboration, such as giveaway entries received or clickthrough received. This will show you have the experience and give prospective collaborators an idea of what to expect when they work with you. 

Services provided: 

This is where you can list all the ways brands can work with you! Common options include:

  • Sponsored Posts

  • Giveaways

  • Sidebar Ads

  • Social Media Promotion

  • Product Reviews

Contact information:

Last but not least, don’t forget to include contact information so that the brand can easily get in touch!


Now set some time to create a quality media kit! Your blog and brand is so worth it! 


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– Suzannah, Style & Beauty Blogger
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February 12th, 2023


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