Not yet convinced? Here are 3 more reasons to jump on the Showit bandwagon

Maybe you’re in the early phases of creating a website and are still weighing which website platform to use to make things official and to have a ‘home’ to house the very important work you do. 

You might need something fast in order to get feedback. And to be able to add Google Analytics. 

Plus, there’s the finer details- the important things like talking to a real person, not a bot that sends you to a FAQ page if you need support.

These are all very normal considerations to be weighing before you dive-first into choosing a website platform for your business. 

Well, I’m a serious Creative so have my reasons for choosing a website design platform, but no matter where you are in business from starting up to running for several years, your needs may vary but I think you’ll find Showit offers the best of both worlds for those interested in sharing their services online. 

 Here are some useful reasons why.

reasons to join showit - by stephanie design

Simple template options

You may not need all the bells and whistles to start. Maybe you’re testing an idea and need a clean template or a blank slate (I choose the latter) to get started. Showit fortunately offers both options! And I find this useful for my next point…

reasons to use Showit website builder

It’s like using Adobe all over again 

Showit’s interface is similiar to Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. If you’re a creative that has used these programs in your career, making the transition to Showit isn’t so scary. In fact I find I’m right at home and picking up where I left off in bringing my designs to life. 

Really quick tip: if you want to expand your canvas to fit more content, click and drag this corner down (shown below)

showit website designer - by stephanie design

It allows you to easily preview and make changes

Your site is organized by Canvases so simply choose the Canvas you need (in the above screenshots they’re the stack of columns to the left) or click right into that section on the website itself, make the edit, and viola! Your mobile website will update automatically with that edit as well! Best of all you can preview any changes you made before hitting Publish unlike some website builders. You can even send a live link to others to review before committing. 

Showit will also save your change automatically as you’re editing (before committing to hit Publish) which is super convenient in speeding up the editing process. 

If you’re in need of a website designer to make those changes for you, you’d add them as a Contributor to your Showit account. The vendor will have access to only your website design but if you’re in pinch and need additional assistance this is the traditional route to take. 

Add your Google Analytics Tracking Id to Showit

Once you have your Tracking ID, Under the Site Tab in the top left corner of Showit, click the Site Settings option. (shown above)

In the pop-up window, choose the Third Party tab. Then simply paste your code into the appropriate field.

how to install google analytics - showit

Blogging purposefully 

Become a content creation queen (or king!). Like me, you may have a genuine passion for writing and blogging is one outlet you can use to express those talents. Let’s share them when paired up with Showit!  Showit integrates with the WordPress blogging platform to take your blogging efforts to new heights.

showit website template - by stephanie

Aspire Showit website template available here

No-risk trial!

Showit offers a free 14-day trial so you can play around and see how you like it. If after your testing the waters you’d like to commit, enjoy your first month free – on me!   You are not tied down to a yearly subscription and Showit’s pricing tiers make it easy for many starting out to get a handle of the platform at no risk. 

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February 12th, 2023


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