3 Things i learned working for a marketing agency (+ my best takeaway)

Before I started By Stephanie Design, LLC I worked as a Graphic Designer at a marketing agency. I’ve worked on the visual design of websites, created brand guidelines for clients, and worked on social media and print campaigns for their roster of clients. This experience primed me greatly for entrepreneurship and the responsibilities I’d have on my shoulders as a solo-preneur. 

My story is actually a bit different than the worn tale of crazy bosses and working weekends ripping your hair out trying to learn CSS in transitioning out of the 9-5 and going solo. I enjoyed working there (and the workload was within my skillset)  but the business eventually dissolved so I struck out on my own. From that turning point, I want to discuss why that’s not a bad thing later on in this post! 

So, if you’re curious I’m sharing what I learned from that early experience transferred to what I do to this day.

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What I mean is I don’t like ‘fast design.’ Certain industries like fashion rely on trends to stay current. A contemporary art gallery exhibiting modern work is deserving of a ‘trendy’ identity because it aligns with its product. It’s the ideas and appropriateness that influence this.

It may be enticing to use a novelty font or element, but if it doesn’t fit the needs of the client or their target audience, or the mood, tone, and colors for the assignment, abandon the thought.

Additionally, working as an intern at Martha Stewart in NYC, exposed me to working under brand guidelines. 
So this experience primed me in the world of branding and what it means to create presentable designs that align with your industry and the needs of your sector.

Collaboration is key!

When working on any number of projects at once, it’s a good idea to be a team player and listen to your copywriter colleague and web developer to meet the goals of the creative project as seamlessly as possible. 

So I pride myself in being a really good listener and easy to work with. If you have a question just ask! I’ll be happy to clarify further (and understand you might be new to the industry and lingo and don’t have time to comb through all these blog posts!)

Best of all I can handle all of the above in my own boutique design studio in fushing your brand, copywriting, and website into one holistic package. 

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The real truth about marketing agencies

Ok the real truth about working with marketing agencies is alot of them have an abundance of projects going on at once. While there are talented people working there for sure, over-time it could end up feeling like your another client in the pipeline in favor of the business churning out as many projects as possible to pay employees a salary and stay afloat. It can get disorganized pretty quickly! I share what I use for organization purposes at the end of this post – stay tuned!

 I often achieve my best work being given the reigns to take over and work on my own. I try to not only craft designs that have market appeal based on the above, but also I don’t feel stressed or overwhelmed completing your project since I’d only be working with one client at a time.

In addition to the collaboration aspect mentioned in the previous section, I’m sure when you sit on a design for a couple days, you can give better feedback to your designer. You don’t have to rush a response but take some time to gather your thoughts in creating the best design for your needs. 

I mentioned this before but I had a branding client, a home stager, that went the marketing agency route for her website. This is actually really common – however she wasn’t even able to access her website for much needed updates! Another salon owner was frustrated the people she hired weren’t as available as she needed to make any updates. With Showit, an easy drag-and-drop website builder, it makes it so much easier for small businesses to feel empowered in this aspect so I’ll always tout them as the best solution. 

Wrapping it up!

So that’s what I learned. Above all else, you can see how excellent communication is essential in creating a smooth client experience so we reach and end result we’re both proud of.

Your dream website awaits! Start on the journey to an intentional transformation! Browse my Showit Website templates or book me for a customization!

February 12th, 2023


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