Aspire to New Heights With a Stunning Media Kit

I’m sure many ambitious creatives can re-late to how great it feels to get your work noticed by those at the fore-front of your industry. 

We put a lot into our work, people respect that reach out! It’s a satisfying feeling as a Creative Entrepreneur 

Well the admirer that reached out was none other than a fellow Creative at Adobe, Inc. They took notice of my media kit designs and ended up licensing a few. I felt so proud – I mean I’ve been using the program since college – things were coming together for me.

So that’s a first impressions you have of By Stephanie Design if you’re new around here, now it’s time to turn the spotlight on you

aspire to new heights - by stephanie design

Why a Media Kit is Important 

A Media Kit is essential in sharing your brand with potential collaboration partners, journalists, and organizations you’re pitching to. Journalists can easily share a story about your company and it’s mission with one condensed document in their hands outlining everything they’d need to know about your brand.

If you’re unfamiliar, its a multi-page document that encapsulates your entire brand, from your story to your mission and philosophy, to a detailed outline of your services and process, your reach and more. It sells you! 

I’ve created media kit before for a salon owner with a line of organic hair products and after meeting up with a company, she received alot of publicity of her products as a result. She built her career focusing on organic and healthy alternatives to store-bought shampoos and conditioners, and was being rewarded for it finally! 

That being said, while it’s handy to have a PDF copy printed for in-person meetings, I know it could work just as well for capturing your audiences attention online, too! Imagine linking in your Instagram Bio and sending brands straight there without any added steps! 

So I kept this top of mind when developing my Aspire Website Theme – a modern Showit Template for Entrepreneurs. It’s content could be adapted to suit any kind of salon / social media / coaching / agency business website.

Do you want a media kit directly on your website you could also link contacts to in an interactive experience? Aspire delivers. You don’t have to fuss about putting one together – you have 

Creating a website that encapsulates the great work you do isn’t always the easiest, but it doesn’t have to be hard either with a trusted (Adobe-sponsored) designer that has your back! Let me help unlock your brand’s greatest potential.  

At By Stephanie Design my mission is to help entrepreneurs make a stunning and enduring online impression. Through Showit lets propel your business forward and equip you with the tools necessary to make us better by design. 

February 12th, 2023


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