The Lucky 7: Proven Ways to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly with Showit

There are so many tiny details when designing a website, and part of that involves making sure your site flows well across mobile devices! My worst fear when I went to design school was that I had to pick up coding in order to expand my skillset, but now I know Showit and can build my website designs much like I would in Adobe Photoshop. It’s not so scary when you really think of it, right?

…And I’m sure converting leads on mobile is something that crossed your mind before – and for good reason. A good 60% of website comes from mobile devices as of 2022 (source). In fact, there’s a chance you’re reading this from a mobile device. Welcome!

So how exactly does this play out for the various elements of your website in turning it into lead funneling powerhouse, you ask? Walk away today knowing 7 tactics to influence the mobile-optimization of your website.

make your website mobile-friendly - by stephanie design

1. Consider the layout of pages

Chances are if your website looks hard to navigate – it is! When addressing the layout of pages, it’s important to keep the menu, form fields, cta’s, and the content itself to a streamlined look and feel with plenty of white space around sections for adequate breaks between content in this new environment. Want different images on mobile because it looks better vertically? All these things can and should be addressed. 

2. Use Standard Fonts

On mobile, your body font size should be atleast 16px with a bit of leading between the lines to enhance readability. When choosing fonts, it’s a good rule of thumb to consider the body text on your phone to be as readable as the text in a well-printed book.

There are no hard and fast rules (i.e serif versus sans-serif), however in this typography blog post I mentioned why the tried and true classics are used to aiding the readability we’re all after. 

mobile optimization tips - by stephanie design

3. Optimize Images

Images should be compressed for an optimized loading time as well as enhancing your SEO. If your website is lagging behind on load times, visitors may get frustrated and leave. How exactly is image compression achieved? First, be sure to always choose the JPG (orJPEG) image format. While it’s a step down in quality than say, a PNG, it’ll cut down your file size greatly. 

If you’re blogging in WordPress, the plugin WP Smush It will compress all your images in bulk for your blog posts. 

4. Give links enough space

The user experience is different on mobile – you’re often clicking and navigating around with your thumbs and having this experience optimized with calls to actions and buttons that support this behavior is essential in keeping user’s on your website longer. 

5. Optimize button placement 

Most visitors scan your content first – their eyes move from the top half of the screen to the bottom. So placing your call to action at the top isn’t suggested and may confuse users. A button at the bottom of your screen is not only going to be bigger but much easier to reach.

6. Notice the simplicity and size of key page elements 

When you work with a designer, they’ll nail this part down for you. Try to stick to less than 5 colors and have them fit your brand. Additionally, all imagery should be expressive and capture the essence of your company and compliment your brand personality.

7. Reduce the number of pop-ups

This is something I touched on recently, but I’d advocate for having an in-line form that lives directly on your website. I personally wouldn’t do a pop-up as they can be intrusive, and with a form that is easily accessible directly across your website, can be redundant. 


As you can see, when we take these mobile-optimization tips into account your website really begins to level up and contributes to a much easier user experience! And when these things are addressed by a web designer at the outset, you can regain control of updating both your desktop and mobile website simultaneously in your own time with Showit

Interested in getting a new mobile-optimized website? 

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February 12th, 2023


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