31 Non-Fluff Newborn Photographer Blog Post Ideas

Producing relevant posts that capture the attention of your ideal client and provide them with value is a surefire way to turn a potential client into a customer over time (and even charge more!). You’re an expert and already proved your worth to them!

A simple method of doing this is to consider your FAQS. 

FAQS are a key indicator of the type of what your audience is looking for and are a great starting point towards solving their problems and gaining trust. 

Chances are many more readers have the same questions, so the next time you receive an email you can simply send them this informative blog post! It has the added benefit of boosting your organic SEO with keywords and phrases potential customers could be searching for.


When you think the well has run dry, instead of relying on a friend or partner to help brainstorm blog post ideas while you’re business task list continues to grow, I’d done the legwork for you, photographer friend, and produced a list of high-quality blog post ideas. My hope is using this list provides you with many ideas to generate a successful blog which leads to more business. 

Before They Book

When to Schedule Your Newborn Session 

2. Newborn Collections Explained

3. How to Choose a Newborn Photographer 

4. The Difference Between Lifestyle or Posed Newborn Sessions

5. Newborn Photography Studio Essentials 

6. Are there essentials your photography studio can’t live without? Share them in a behind-the-scenes type post! (Include a list of newborn prop vendors)

7. How to Choose a Heirloom Prop for Your Newborn Session 

8. The Creative Process from Shooting to Delivery

9. How We Prepare the Studio for Your Newborn 

10. How We Prepare the Session for Multiples (twins and triplets)

11. Share Testimonials from Past Clients

12. Highlight the Tools and Equipment you Use

13. Feature the People You Work With

14. Write an Informative Post on How People Can Best Work With You

15. Feature Local Bakers Who Offer First Birthday Cakes

16. Tips and Poses for Including a Sibling in A Newborn Session 

17. Babies First Year of Photos..When Should I Have Them Done

18. Baby Registry Must-Haves


19. What If My Newborn Won’t Sleep?

20. What to Bring to Your Newborn Session

21. Newborn Photoshoot Ideas – Outfits

22. What to Wear To Your Newborn Family Photoshoot


23. Tell the Story of a Clients Newborn Session 

24. Share the Importance of Working with the Baby and Meeting the Baby’s Comfort and Safety Needs

25. How to Chose and Download Your Images

26. Share the Importance of Printing and Backing Up Their Images

27. A Guide to Selecting Your Newborn Album

28. A guide to Canvases, Gallery Wrapped, Albums, Metal Prints

29 .Share How You Create Newborn Announcements 

30. Displaying Newborn Photos In Your Home


31. Mini sessions, themed shoots, model call and more!

Chose a Variety of Content Types

Once you decide which posts from the above it’s a good idea to map out an editorial calendar and to mix up the format of posts. 

Share on Social Media

Each blog post gives you the opportunity to share to your social media accounts throughout the year. With a wide range of blog posts that are helpful for your audience, your blog and website is like a sales machine that runs when you’re not actively working. Who wouldn’t want that?

February 12th, 2023


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