I originally wrote this for By Stephanie Design clients but realized, well, everyone can benefit from an SEO checklist (or atleast some clarity and easy to follow steps!) So here we are…

Once your website is designed and built in Showit, the next stage in the process is making sure the core aspects of SEO are integrated into your website. 

So I want to give you a glimpse into how this all comes to fruition – both from business and website strategy angles – so when ready to book a website designer, you understand the process. There’s a lot of information out there on the subject (and understandably it can be overwhelming!), and hopefully this framework gives you the confidence in going forward so you move closer towards your goals. 

Jump in head first, okay? You’ve got this – if you want to learn about SEO, I’ve got your back!

For most serviced-based websites, the SEO process is relatively simple:

  1. Make sure your website is fast and easy to use

  2. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly and loads fast

    There’s a difference between responsive design and mobile-optimized. A responsive design will re-arrange elements on the screen automatically so they fit within the screen size, while the mobile-optimized version re-thinks the content for this viewing audience. This means purposefully eliminating any distractions, ensuring relevant content is pulled to the forefront. My designs fall in the latter category.

  3. Implement a simple url structure

  4. Do basic keyword research and implement and find all keywords you want to rank for. More specifically, think about the TOPIC of each page; what do you want to cover on every specific page to be intentional in your planning. This also includes all metadata like titles, descriptions, etc so Google knows how to associate your website with a particular search. 

  5. Interlink them. Posts on related topics should be linked to each other

  6. Create blog posts that integrate these keywords organically

  7. Build backlinks to your website – the more backlinks you can build to your website, the better! Google will reward you by concluding your website is legit.

  8. Keep track of rankings on Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Implement any changes to your website based on data

How this strategy works 

The main prep work that many website designers are responsible for will fall under the first 4 bullet points. 

We usually follow the same process, however I’ll be happy to explain mine for the purposes of this article! 

In your Website Content Planner you’ll map out your sitemap, keeping number 3 on the list top of mind. The sitemap is simply a structural outline of the pages to be included on your website. 

Next up! 

Since I only offer customization on pre-existing templates, number 1 and 2 are already ticked off the list. These templates are set up with the correct on-site SEO implementation for things like h1, h2, h3, p, and div tags, and correct page title formatting; for example ‘About | August Photography | Louisville, Kentucky

But I’ll take care of implementing your keywords and components #4 is comprised of when customizing your website template. 

Lastly, this service includes compressing images for proper loading times and file naming, rounding out your comprehensive SEO strategy. 

Keeping Seo traffic when launching a new website

If you’re simply launching a new website and want to keep your existing SEO traffic, you can manage url redirects in Showit here.

What about newly-minted websites? 

The above strategy will work over time, however if you’re a new website and need to start driving revenue, like yesterday, not in 3-6 months, I definitely recommend trying Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, or organic marketing to jump the line and get more eyes on your shiny-new website sooner! 

I also suggest Blogging to grow your SEO. Showit is excellent for SEO with powerful WordPress blogging so you can reap the benefits of your website hosting platform at no additional costs. 


If you haven’t already, now is also a great time to get situated with Google and create a Google Business Profile. I’ve got you covered on how to do so in this post.

Wrapping it up!

That’s the simple, step-by-step Search Engine optimization process most web designers utilize so your ideal clients that are searching for you can find you and use your website with ease! I hope this makes sense of the topic so you’re informed going into your next web design project. 

If you’re ready to convert browsers into customers, shop my growing collection of customizable Showit Templates right here. Additionally, I now offer a Website Remodel service that also includes copywriting. Your dream website awaits! Let’s get started! 

At By Stephanie Design my mission is to help entrepreneurs make a stunning and enduring online impression. Through Showit lets propel your business forward and equip you with the tools necessary to make us better by design. 

February 12th, 2023


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