Getting Setup With A Google Business Profile {2023 Guide}

Once you chose and register your domain name for your new business, it’s good practice to then register with Google Business. By establishing your website with them you’ll not only be found sooner, but a Google Business Profile will reap you some wonderful SEO benefits when you optimize your profile correctly, so I want to share how to get yourself situated in this post.

how to setup google business profile - by stephanie design

How to setup your Google Business Profile 

Below are the steps to follow in setting your business profile up:

1. Claim and Create Your Business Profile

Simply enter your business name into Google

When you find yourself click claim my profile. Alternatively, go straight to Google Business Page where you can register. 

Once there, choose “Manage Now” and sign into your Google account. If you do not have an account you can register for free at this time. 

When you’re ready to go, let’s go back to Google and manage your profile!

2. List Your Primary and Secondary Categories

Next, you need to chose your Business Category. Chose two options that best describe what your business does. If you are an Interior Designer, chose that option for the first category and Interior Decorator for the second, etc.

In the example above, By Stephanie Design’s primary category is Graphic designer. However, I also fit into Website Designer niche.

3. Add your Business Address

If you have a business where you meet up with customers, or they walk right in, such as a cafe or restaurant, make sure your address is visible. If, instead, your business isn’t somewhere customers go to directly, such as an accountant, you can opt to hide your street address. Google will display the area you service instead.

As a Graphic Designer I serve clients all over the US. so designated that in my profile.

4. Add Your Business Phone Number

Your customers need to reach you easily, so be sure to add your phone number. If a customer wants to reach you and your phone number doesn’t work, they’re going to think you’re out of business and BOOM – you lost a potential customer. So keep this up-to-date.

5. Add Your Website.

Add your website url and your Contact Information is complete!

6. Add Business Hours/Messaging

The next step is to add your actual business hours. Provide real, up-to-date hours

7. Business Description/Photos

If you have them, this is a great area to include some professional photos of your business and the type of service you provide, including work area (or photos of your venue from outside so it’s easy to find from the street), past work, a couple shots of you or team members, etc. This is an excellent way to entice potential customers who may want to work with you by really selling your brand and business!

You can also write a key-word rich description to attract local customers who may be searching you on Google. If you’re a Photographer in Philadelphia, enter ‘Philadelphia Wedding Photographer’ here.

8. Routinely Monitor and Edit

Setting up your Google Business Profile is not a once-and-done task. Be sure to update it as needed, or when business hours change. If something important changes, such as your services (like mine – I started offering Website Design so need to make that known) be sure to update so customers not only know that but can easily reach you through phone or text.


Like I mentioned in the introduction to this post, Google will reward you to keeping an active profile, and the below are some ideas for improving your rankings through maintaining a live profile:


Have you closed recently for construction? Made an update to your business hours. Inform customers of such by amending your Google Business Profile.

What’s New?

Are you a photographer who recently started offering Brand Photography? A medical spa who offers more robust services? Let customer’s know what’s new and keep business flowing!

Exclusive Offers

A great way to attract new customers to your business is by offering a special promo – such as take $100 off your package or save 15%. You might also want to offer free shipping if you’re an e-commerce shop. Spruce up your offer with a catchy headline and time period the offer is valid for in obtaining this new attention.

Create Social Media Accounts

While you won’t be rewarded with better Google standing simply for signing up to Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you will boost your online presence and build brand recognition by actively maintaining them.

Additionally, these accounts contribute greatly as credible NAP citations as social media sites have high domain authority. (source)

If you’re a local company such as a salon or medical spa, stick to the basics and set-up on Facebook and Instagram.

The above laid out steps will get you situated and in good standing with Google so you can begin to see better local SEO benefits sooner for the areas you’re servicing.

By claiming your site and making strides to enhance your SEO through the above strategies, you setting a great foundation and can hopefully get back to business sooner.

February 12th, 2023


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