How I remodeled my Caron Showit Template for a Med Spa

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I cant re-iterate enough how I love Showit for regaining creative control of your website. You may have subscribed to my newsletter and heard me talk about it before, or spent more than a quick minute on this site, but it really is the cream of the crop in terms not only in terms of allowing you to create and develop your site they way you’d like, but also a great long term solution for clients simply because you can do what you need to do easily on the website platform without fussing with code. 

One part that you may need to know is how to remodel a template in my shop to fit your brand and business. Maybe you’re a service-based business and need a clean, modern Showit Website to stand out and to be able to blog as well! Or maybe you have a few (not too many) products and want to integrate a shopping cart with Showit to sell directly on your website. Whichever the situation you’re in, you can rest assured you have the ability to do so with this flexible website-building platform.


As inclusive of my website remodel service I offer a logomark, font and color palette selection as a base starting point – with optional add-ons like custom illustration or icon design, landing pages, sales or shop pages along with print marketing collateral.

With that in mind I created a concept med spa brand to showcase how I would design a brand from the ground-up and then apply the various components across channels like Web Design. In this case, I chose my Caron Showit Website Template for this brand.

showit web designer - by stephanie design

Things of note:

I wrote the tagline: A holistic approach to beauty along with the headline. So many land on a website and it’s not clear what the business is, and I narrowed on on specifically what this business delivers to address the who, what, where, off the bat.

As with any service-based business, your offerings should be front and center on the homepage. This is your introduction – you don’t need to give out too much information on the homepage and clutter the design. But again, addressing the who, what, where, will go along way in simply addressing customer’s concerns without overwhelming them.

Great ways to add unique-ness to the design of your website include custom icons and illustrations!

As you can imagine, getting starting creating a website can seem like a daunting task! You may have an idea in your head of how you’d like the website to look but have a hard time explaining it to your designer. Having a template as a starting point and then customizing from there sounds like a great idea to avoid some frustrations. 

This is why I created my Showit website template shop!

With Showit, the time investment is much less development-wise; with any other platform it seems you would need more time to fully flesh out the strategy your designer creates. With my remodel service I aim to have your website remodeled in up to 4 weeks, however it’s very likely we’ll finish sooner with the bones of the website already determined.

ready for an intentional transformation?

If you’re interested in booking me for a website remodel, please reach out and share the details of your business! Let’s get started!

February 12th, 2023


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