How I remodeled my Aspire Showit Template for a Home Stager

showit website design - by stephanie design

A service I’m really excited to offer at By Stephanie Design is a Website Remodel. What it entails is if you like one of my Showit Website Templates, I’ll refresh and make it your own . The thing that needs to stay consistent is the layout – as you can tell my website designs promote user-friendliness and really unique and modern solutions.

If you’re in need of a new logo mark, brand colors, font refresh, and refinements such as call-to-action placement, this service is perfect for your service-based business. I’ll up-level your business and help you stand out through professional design.

Here’s how it shaped up for a concept I created for a professional home stager using my Aspire Showit Website template. I’ve worked with the client on their logo and marketing materials.

how I remodeled a showit website template - by stephanie design

showit website templates - by stephanie design


There really are a million ways you can personalize a website template so I wanted to show this in action through styling a By Stephanie Design Showit Website template.

I chose my Aspire Showit Website template for the purpose of this blog post. This business web theme comes with 14 pages and is ideal for a variety of service-based businesses wanting to showcase their services, portfolio, in a professional and modern way. The template also includes a shop page and a media kit for added versatility. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Showit – it’s a website building platform that allows for the most versatility in customization of your website. You’re not constricted in how you can edit, and any modifications won’t alter the rest of Website layout. Ideal for businesses looking to uplevel their online presence and stand-out in a sea of cookie-cutter web design. 

It’s revolutionizing the web design space.

If you’d like to incorporate two to three fonts across your site to compliment the theme you’re striving for, it’s really easy to do so in this software. 

I’m not a designer who will try to fit you with a certain aesthetic so I want to convey how this might all translate when you like a theme from my shop but aren’t 100% sure how it might fit towards your unique style. 

I hope at the end you might gain a better understanding of how a showit website can represent your brand and business and could feel more like ‘you,’ whichever shape or form that may come in. 


With Aspire’s organized foundation, you have the ‘bones’ set so you can go in and apply your own brand attributes, or I can provide them all to you with a custom project.

You can tweak any areas you might need in order to better suit your business. For example, in this case I got rid of the industry logo section and expanded that Canvas showcasing the process and what the “transformation “ looks like. This is a great way to sell them on the benefits of hiring right on the homepage. They know ‘what’s in it for me?’ right off the bat so they understand how they could feel after working with the brand and business owner and how their goals may be achieved.

You can begin to see how easy it could be to apply your branding in Showit. There’s one Design settings panel that allows you to chose or upload fonts, set brand colors, etc. While doing so might cause the spacing of the design to fluctuate slightly, the fact that you have the control to do these things easily is worth making little tweaks in the long run.

In Showit you have the ability to control your Mobile Website, so I provide the most optimal user experience for that traffic in all my designs. Read more tips on designing for mobile visitors in this blog post.

The transformation 

I love working with business owners just as passionate about their online home as they are the nitty gritty details surrounding their service. If you want a website that matches your level of expertise and professionalism, I’ll help you create that striking first impression! 

A major benefit of working with a Showit website designer like myself is you will now have complete control of your biggest sales tool – your website. I provide Video Training with each purchase. You can add a blog as well to continually grow your website and boost your SEO as well with their seamless WordPress blog integration. 

showit website template - by stephanie design


Are you interested in tidying up your own website? My website audit checklist will help identify key areas of improvement across several areas of your website and provides actionable steps you can take to improve. If you’re interested in booking me for a re-model please reach out

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February 12th, 2023


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