A Showit Template versus Custom Website Design? Which does my business need?

For service-based businesses now is a great time as ever to jump on the Showit bandwagon. I remember working on print marketing for a client who ran a successful organic salon and she unfortunately ran into major problems with her web developer and had to pay nearly $10k to get her website straightened out due to the fact it was developed on a clunky, outdated CMS. I felt so bad! 

What’s worse is her design was super minimal. When we think of Showit and web design trends (think editorial layouts, bold typography), those absolutely don’t apply to alot of business owners who simply want an online presence that sells their services effectively (+ works perfectly on mobile devices.)

And those hurdles doesn’t exist in this age of innovative website builders, thankfully. 

Showit is a graphic and web designers dream as we can create a website exactly how you might expect it to look but it’s easy for you to also update as well without the pesky coding aspect. 

The biggest appeal in my opinion is you have control of your website! 

So you might be wondering why a designer would offer website templates (versus a custom website), and that’s an understandable question! 

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Why Showit Templates are a wise investment

a showit template versus custom?

Let’s discuss why Showit Templates are a great option for starters

Have you ever struggled with this before? You struggle to describe the way you “envision” something in your head so imagining trying to create an entire website from scratch! You might struggle to explain to the designer what you have in your mind, so having a template as a starting point and then customizing from there sounds like a great idea to avoid some frustrations. 

That’s what I had in mind when creating my Showit Template shop!

There’s a high chance you can’t tell their templates, either!

And with Showit the time investment is much less development-wise; with any other platform it seems you would need more time to fully flesh out the strategy your designer creates. 

I want you to be able to share a beautiful new website with clients without carrying the burden of determining the foundation all on your own (and trudging through a lengthy web design process). For those not acquainted with the graphic and web design industry, or not skilled in that area, its a bit of an undertaking! 


It’s also easy in Showit to actually make your site feel ‘custom’ as you can expand canvases and add more content to a section and there still be plenty of breathing room! 

You can also easily duplicate sections to keep the design flow the same. Again, its not like custom coding in a new section which will take much more time. Hence why a strategically-design Showit template is very cost-effective, yet practical for many service-based business owners needs. 

If you’d like to take care of a remodel, you may also share with me your existing branding and I can evaluate and gently suggest if you might need a re-fresh to match the foundation laid out with your website and truly give it that wow factor!

You can begin to see how those things, along with the necessary design changes like fonts, colors, icons, etc to suit your aesthetic can round out the template remodel process so your website feels more like you and a representation of your business. 

who exactly is a remodel for?

It’s for business owners that are strapped for time and want to get launched a bit quicker (think up to 4 weeks). If you’re not a creative professional you probably will need help with your work mark, fonts, color palette and there are so many ways to can express your brand personality outside the stereotypical fonts you’d find on your computer, which I why I recommend considering hiring a professional to help you in that regard. 

Keep in mind even with my Showit template purchases I offer Video Training from Installation to Launch at no up-charge!

Conclusion – Template Vs Custom Showit Website

With a Showit Template that uses the fundamentals of design, contains an intuitive user journey, and has captivating functionality, you’ll grow your business with purpose. 

Hopefully this helps you determine when setting up online if a Showit template or Template Remodel is ideal. It comes down to your budget, the time you have to invest, and what exactly you’re looking for in a website and if you need tweaks to the design.

Ready to take that next step? You can view my Showit Website Remodel Service here, or the easy-to-use Showit Templates if those are more in line with your needs.

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February 12th, 2023


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