Showit Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Picture this: you’re running to get your website launched asap to share your talents and start booking clients asap! 

You know the importance of sound design principles in theory, and how your website should function and deliver a good user experience, but it isn’t your zone of expertise either. 

I completely understand the impulse to dive right in and begin customizing a Showit Website Template – it’s DIY afterall and you want to flex your creative muscles! 

But I’d suggest taking a step back and considering the long-term usage of your website – your biggest sales tool! Is it even set-up right from the start for mobile devices?

It should be consistent so you’re conveying a professional image and avoid changing things up to confuse prospects who are wondering why your branding is in transition frequently.

showit web design mistakes to avoid - by stephanie

So here are some of the worst web design mistakes.

Lack of visual branding

Your visual branding, such as the fonts and colors and other graphical elements, should all work together to support your brand tone and mission. But this gets tricky when you try to DIY a template. You might try to follow what someone else is doing and end up with a copycat design that does nothing for your business. 

Or you don’t consider the spacing of text and other elements, so things become crowded quickly! The fonts you choose should also be easy to read so your website is appealing and keeps visitors around longer. 

Note: In my website audit report (available on my homepage) I mention accessibility and link to fonts that achieve just that. 

There’s alot to consider and when you’re working alongside a web designer that understands this, the creative process goes more smoothly and you achieve a consistent visual theme, and leave the clutter and amateur design choices a thing of the past.

Not an easy user experience 

When I create a Showit Template, I like to compose layouts in a way that make reading naturally easier so your eye is guided around the design in a seamless transition from one canvas to the next. 

Thwarting this natural flow by adding in content that breaks the composition, disrupts the natural reading pattern, or jeopardizes the layout and structure should be avoided. If you do want to add more text to a section and expand upon the placeholder text that is currently there now, which is completely understandable, I would expand the canvas (by the way I mention how to do so here. No tutorials I was viewing starting out shared this so I wanted to make your life much easier and simply show you!) 

If you must add a new section of content, I’d consider duplicating a canvas to keep the flow consistent. 

Image size is a very important factor as well in enhancing your page loading times. Slow loading times will absolutely cause people to flee.

Likewise, when you make the journey an easy and enjoyable one, they’ll find ways to take the next steps in working with you or enlisting your services. 

Not addressing the User Experience of your mobile site

In many cases the mobile version of your Showit website takes as long as the desktop version to create simply because we’re working at a completely different scale, so we really should address the discrepancies closely when designing. 

This is another perk of having Showit Website templates to choose from – you know alot went into the creation process and your Website is set-up and safe for both desktop and mobile straight out of the box! 

No zooming in to read text content or having sections of your website, such as your booking process be one long scroll when they can be contained in clickable galleries. 

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Not optimizing the website for SEO

This part goes beyond adding titles to each page and can extend to everything from file size and naming, to setting up H1-H3 tags correctly. And, if you manipulate and move the text elements around the structure already set-up in my Showit templates could be effected. 

And we want to make sure your SEO is optimized to it’s fullest potential so you rank higher on Google, grow your traffic, and attract your ideal clients.

In Conclusion

Your website is your home base and should bd built to be a representation of your unique value as an entrepreneur. By avoiding these common pitfalls, your message resonates and is clear, and can inspire more prospects to reach out. 

If you’re on the fence about customizing a Showit Website Template, or aren’t sure how to make it feel like home, I’ll take care of all the heavy-lifting behind-the-scenes with my website remodel service! I’ll also take care of the tech so you can launch smoothly and seamlessly! Reach out today! Your dream website awaits.

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February 12th, 2023


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