Your Showit Website Glow-Up

No matter the market you serve, whether you’re a wedding planner, photographer, salon, you know you’re busy! You should trust your Website is doing the heavy lifting for you.

If you’re still using an old, outdated Website platform or theme you could be having issues that weren’t addressed in the design phase.

And if you want people to trust and enlist in your services, a professionally-designed website that grows with your business is the first step. And Showit delivers – it’s revolutionizing the website building process and is the platform of choice in my boutique Graphic & Showit Web Design Studio.

Here is a glimpse at the strategy that goes into every Showit website template with By Stephanie Design. If you want a classic, clean yet modern home-base to house the great work you do, continue reading!

your showit website glow-up - by stephanie design


Think of your marketing like your clothes. We’ve all been told to dress for the job we want before the interview. Your branding & marketing is…

essentially your “identity” and shows how you present yourself!

Find the “right fit” with a premium Showit template and sharpen your voice and style to attract the customers you’d love to work with!

My designs are suitable for most service-based businesses, with professional design, usability and functionality built right-in. If you like a design and you feel it’ll appeal to your target clients, launch now!

You can always make tweaks as business grows and shifts, and with the Showit website building platform it’s easier than ever to have the capability to edit on your own time – no coding knowledge needed!


Great website content tells a story about a brand, in their voice, and ties that story into a brand’s products or services.

Many of my designs have copy to guide sections, giving you a solid foundation to build upon; you’re absolutely welcome to tweak and refine to suit your business, or elaborate upon headlines for well-rounded copy that sells your expertise.

Remember, copy should be easily scannable. Don’t over-do it! Alongside your website design, your copy should immediately tell prospects what you do, where you’re located, and capture their interest so they move along smoothly throughout the rest of the page and through different parts of your website.

If you still struggle to come up with copy, consider the following framework:

  • What is the problem your audience faces?

  • How does your business address this problem?

  • How does your audience feel after you’ve resolved this problem?

showit website template - by stephanie design


I use design principles to effortlessly guide the visitors eye throughout the design.

This includes using a polished color palette and make white space (blank areas) a strategic element to highlight and separate elements and give an orderly look to the website.

This goes for text as well: leading or line-spacing for body text should be between 120% and 145% of the font size to improve readability.

showit web design - by stephanie design

Functionality – being found and giving visitors a great user experience

Mobile-optimization – mobile visits account for over 50% of all web visits! I make sure the layout is optimized and enhanced to improve navigation and user flow.

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SEO – H1, H2, H3 and div tags are designated so Google can properly crawl your pages and understand what each is about. Compressing images to reduce file size (+naming them correctly for search), improves your website speed while actively enhancing your SEO and google rankings.

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If you’re stuck on which design to choose, send me an email at and let’s chat!

If you’re still new to Showit and on the fence about taking the leap, read this post on why I recommend them for Service-based businesses.

Give yourself the website you deserve with Showit! Say goodbye to dull and outdated designs and hello to modern yet timeless designs that are mobile-optimized! Don’t fret about paying a developer for every single edit – with essential video training from Installation to Launch you’ll have the confidence to manage all on your own.

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February 12th, 2023


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