4 Reasons Showit is the Best Platform for your Website

Back when I was working for a marketing agency I was responsible for creating the visual design for websites in Photoshop, and upon review and completion would hand the files over to the web developer for coding!

In retrospect, the timeline of the project seemed to needlessly drag on, and you’d have limitations on how you can approach design as well from a functional standpoint once it reached the developers hand. 

Then,  I later discovered Showit

And haven’t looked back since! 

I’m only offering Showit web design at By Stephanie Design, and below you’ll find some key reasons why: 

showit website platform - by stephanie design

100% you!

With Showit it’s easier than ever to create a website exactly how you as a business person envision it or would want it to look like. The flexibility of the platform is a major selling point – if you’ve ever used photoshop or any Adobe programs you know the vast amount of options for controlling the output sets it in a class all its own. 

Say bye-bye or bid adieu coding in CSS with a web developer and dragging your project on needlessly longer than anticipated with Showit.

Maximum mobile-compability

We all know how important mobile factors into your Website strategy. The great news is you can control the visual design of your mobile website straight in showit! You can adjust what content shows up on your mobile website for each page of your site alongside these necessary design/layout adjustments. 


Easy to update

The great news for businesses is professional-looking websites do exist without the designer price tag, and you can rest assured they’d be easy for you to update! 

At By Stephanie Design I create premium Showit Website Templates for you with built-in strategy to help make an impact online! I do so with the intent your Website will grow with you and be easy to manage the further along you are on your business journey. 

Customer support has your back

If and when you do have a question about anything tech-related, customer support answers directly via a chat box and within a reasonable time frame! There’s also a library of helpful resources available on their website you can refer to at any time as well. 

Are you ready to jump on the Showit bandwagon? Hop on over to my Showit Website template shop! My premium templates are designed for a variety of service-based businesses, including med spas, photographers, videographers, and many more small businesses looking to stand out online and attract their dream customers!

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February 12th, 2023


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