Starting 2023 off with The Everygirl Planner

As a Creative Director that wears many hats in my business, there may be a number of tasks I need to complete throughout the day, along with planning the long-term strategies for growth of my business. 

Some designers love Trello, Evernote, or (a popular one), Google Calendar, but for staying organized sometimes nothing beats a pen and paper. Even more so when you can simply scratch out or highlight a completed task. 

the everygirl planner - by stephanie design

Scheduling and organizing time is important – it’s one of the most valuable assets. The more time you can save, the more money you can make. And the more efficient your workflow, the more client work you can get done. 

The biggest contributor in my growth is simply writing everything down! Going into the week with a clear focus helps me stay on track, whether or not I complete everything that day or not, I still have some base for what needs to be completed that week, atleast. 

I went on a Target run recently and stumbled upon The Everygirls 2023 Planner and grabbed it. Already familiar with the company and how beneficial it’s been in the lives of women, it was an easy solution to my business planning needs. 

I really want to utilize blogging and growing my email list much more for my Graphic and Web Design business this year, so in addition to everything else going on, have continued to dedicate time to work in composing these blog posts. Recently, I took an online course on how to strategize, organize, and craft marketing content in preparation for a launch and found it really valuable as well.

showit website template - by stephanie design

I feel as a business owner the learning is never quite done! That’s why I’m here to assist business owners no matter the stage they’re in. Running a business may look differently a few years in than it does at your inception! That’s why there are a few ways you can make use of my offerings at By Stephanie Design – through my Showit template shop, Branding & Website Design, or through print and other marketing tasks.

Leveling up my business, investing in more brand photography, offering new products, and more is alot of work but is a necessary component in pushing you forward! 

I know tech and design isn’t something most busy entrepreneurs scrutinize or even want worry about (and where do you even start?) and in a world where we can sometimes feel overwhelmed jumpstarting a business, it’s ok if you don’t know everything. Through purposeful blog posts I hope you help you along the way. 

Anyway,  you’ll love the Everygirl’s planners! They’re fresh, modern, and clean. A harbinger for what’s in store for 2023! 

You can grab one on the Everygirls website or Target and start planning away! 

At By Stephanie Design my mission is to help entrepreneurs make a stunning and enduring online impression. Through Showit lets propel your business forward and equip you with the tools necessary to make us better by design. 

February 12th, 2023


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