Tools I can’t design without

As a Creative Director and Graphic Designer of a boutique design studio, I’m aware the right tools can make or break a design. 

I want to create the best designs for clients that will help them stand out and grow their business and achieve the purpose of any marketing effort put forth. 

So, how do I choose the tools to achieve just that? Here’s a simple selection of some tried-and-true tools I swear by in creating designs that resonate. 

Pen and paper

Before I even touch software I like to have a free-flowing brainstorm session through pen and paper. 

Jotting down ideas and inspiration, along with sketches and a websites wireframe frees your mind up and allows you to create associations. This will guide your designs and then with that groundwork out of the way, can explore a concept or two a bit further as when snapping a pic and uploading to Adobe Creative Suite

A Wacom Intous Tablet

Illustrations are brought to life via a Wacom Tablet. I find creating is much easier when my hands aren’t limited by a track pad or mouse. This is the model I use.

Adobe Creative Suite

There’s no better software on the market for creating high-quality designs that will bring your business to the next level. Not only in terms on creative tools but also exporting them to achieve the greatest standards. For starters, Illustrator supports EPS files – eps files are made up of points, lines, and shapes and when you scale your logo up for display on a tote or large display banner, the resolution will still be crisp and clear. It’s essential that logos are provided in this format as well when working with a team of designers on various business marketing needs and needs to remain high quality throughout the design process. 

Sketches brought into Adobe Illustrator for refinement.

There you have it! These are the essentials that will help us go from a faint idea in your head, to a real-life working model of marketing that communicates your business needs! 


At By Stephanie Design, a boutique Graphic & Showit Web Design Studio, I can help you with everything from new logos to unique advertisements. I offer a wide range of high-quality graphic design services for businesses of all sizes. Reach out today!

February 12th, 2023


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