How I use Video Training for my Showit Website Services

As a Creative Director and owner of a boutique design studio, I’ve been immersed in various softwares over the years. I know the ins and outs of several industry leading programs to the point it’s become second nature. 

I actually got a start in Photoshop back in college by using the online training software which was very popular for e-learning at the time. It’s now switched to Linkedin Learning, but I’ll always remember those videos as laying the right foundation in getting started. 

In my business I’ve come across many customers who aren’t as acquainted with programs like Photoshop, and this is completely understandable, especially if you’re new to the graphic and web design industry.

You really want to learn the programs to boost your businesses marketing, but have no frame of reference for starting. 

So instead of writing out instructions its more useful to show you how to do something. And the most effective and efficient way is through Video (like the days)

I thought about how to approach this and realized if at the end of a website project I recorded the same video over and over again to every single customer that they might not retain all the information they needed, plus it can get inconsistent, and isn’t the best use of our time. 

I found a better solution…

..and would like to share why I’ve included video training as part of my Showit Website services, so read on:

how i use video training for my showit website services


I want website owners to feel in control of their website; to know that their site will grow with them on their entrepreneurial journey. It takes so much stress out of the equation. In my email newsletter I share a bit of my background before starting my Showit website services, which lead to my ‘why’ and how that impacts how I go about operating the show over here. From my experience the easier it is for you to feel confident with your biggest sales tool from the back-end, the more fun running the show will be for you. 

It’ll makes training more effective

I know how I learn best is through repetition and practice. Having a resource library of recorded videos you can access on your own time isn’t so bad when your full-time job is demanding enough of your time. 

You can watch them when you decide, and when you’re in a mental space to focus so the process is pressure-free. Whether it’s through desktop or on your mobile device, it’s the best way to get acquainted with all the useful features of Showit that as a business owner I think you’ll really come to enjoy.

showit website training - by stephanie design

Video 03: Design Settings + Fonts

Comes complete with your purchase 

These video training tutorials come complete with each website purchase. There’s no up charge! I’ll be walking you through how to edit each section of your Showit website and exactly what needs to go in each section, etc. You can pick and choose what section you’d like help with too – you might find you really want to get a coming soon page ready or want to connect your Instagram account asap, those are both included as well.

Video 08: Blog / WordPress Backend

One important video I’ve included is the WordPress to Showit integration and how that’s all handled on the back-end of WordPress. As you know, you’ll be using Showit but blogging with the powerful WordPress blogging platform and if you’re confused at all about how those work together, this video will allay any doubt. It’s 12 minutes long (the longest video in the series) but I really wanted to include that section so you know exactly how to set your blog up so you’re squared away going forward! 

Here’s a glimpse at what you will learn:

Video 01: Intro / Sign Up / Login

Video 02: Interface Basics / Site Settings

Video 03: Design Settings + Fonts

Video 04: Media Library / Images / Galleries

Video 05: Text / Linking / Canvas View

Video 06: Canvases / Site Canvases / Add Portfolio Pages

Video 07: Page + Image SEO / Instagram / Coming Soon!

Video 08: Blog / WordPress Backend

And if you have any questions at all once you get started please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You get these videos but I also am available for customer support as well and am here to help you navigate the process if needed. Showit’s customer support is also available if you need any help with the tech-side of things. 

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February 12th, 2023


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