What is Brand Strategy? (+ How my Boutique Graphic Design Studio Creates Yours)

In my time working as a professional in the graphic design industry, I’ve had several clients reach out needing assistance putting together flyers and advertisements for their companies in, for example, the interior design industry. In many of these cases, their brand guidelines were already established, including logo, fonts, and colors, so the art direction was clear from the start. I’d then use this direction to create marketing collateral that honors those guidelines. 

But for those that are working independently or are new and aren’t as clear as to the direction they’d like to go in, Brand Strategy is needed.

what is brand strategy?

Especially if this is the first time you’re working with a designer and aren’t clear how the process may unfold.

By the way if you reach out to me, it’s best to clarify if your brand guidelines are already established from the start. My website remodel service for example could be for small to mid-sized businesses so could work for interior design companies just as well as photographers and salons who are just getting their footing and don’t have a website just yet. 

If you happen to fall into the latter category of just starting out, some questions are necessary so i can create your marketing in a way that honors your unique brand and services. 

Why brand strategy is important 

When your brand shows up consistently in the form of visuals, you build trust. And just as you have your mission, target audience, and reason for being in business, you also need to share this with your Creative Director who will then work to translate the intangibles into the visuals, the tangibles in a way that makes sense for each business. 

If you need help making sense of all the thoughts in your head, my Brand Clarity workbook will help set set me straight as well as to your services, pricing, etc so i can match the visuals with your offerings. 

The answers you provide allow me to combine both my creativity and logic to create a logomark, typography pairings, color scheme, and website re-model that reflects your brand mission as well as make you recognizable to your audience. 

What kind of questions are included in the workbook?

I ask several questions to help me cover my bases and gain as much feedback from my clients as possible before the design process begins. Here is a sample of those questions:

E.G.. Logomark, Color Palette, Website Template, etc 



E.G.. Who are they? How old are they? Where are they located? What are their pain points? How would they describe value? 


I also have a section on Abstract values so you can use your imagination to think of your brand in unique situations.

You’d then return the fillable PDF workbook to me before your start date so I can adequate time to review your answers and begin brainstorming. It also ensures the design process runs more smoothly on both ends. A win-win!

The outcome

Whether you work in the creative or lifestyle industries, having a visual identity is your way of standing out. Customers will pick up on your lack of design, of course, and your business may get lost in the mix. A strong visual identity (your logo and website to product labels and marketing collateral), on the other hand gives you a stronger position in the market and can improve your customer experience while differentiating you from competitors.

You can then use the established visual identity or brand design in your Brand Guidelines, including color hex codes, font weights and styles, logo usage, and more.

In conclusion 

As you can see, brand strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Once we’re clear on the who, what, and why surrounding your services, I’ll bring your vision to life in a way that respects your business and the work you do. If you’re interested in a website re-model, reach out! I’d love to learn more about your business. 

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February 12th, 2023


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