The lucky 7: Reasons why Branding is important for all businesses

In 2022 businesses have spent an average of 13% of the annual revenue in marketing (source).

It’s clear that branding is the first step in marketing your business. Gone are the days branding is simply a term used to dress up a company like the iconic turquoise-blue Tiffanys packaging. Branding is exclusive to every ambitious entrepreneur looking to make their mark and showcase their value to their ideal clientele. Its essence is woven in your mission statement and is transpired with the send-off smile an employee gives your customers after a transaction is made in store.

And the first step in making your dream come turn from stalled to stagnant is simply having a cohesive Brand Identity and Website.

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Re-thinking “The big fish in the pond” 

You simply need a dream to help people and have that carried through in your marketing efforts.

With Social media consumers are exposed to new brands everyday. Gone are the days of placing an ad on a companies website or purchasing expensive ad space in your local lifestyle magazine to promote your services. At By Stephanie Design I want to help you make a great impression, build trust, and move your business forward with elevated design that increases your sales.

With branding as creative and stunning as you are, you’ll stay un-defeated! 

Let’s take a look at some practical ways branding matters:

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Branding helps people identify and recognize your products 

Your brand is a snapshot or polaroid memory we all can look fondly back on. When we think of memories, people, places, these same images come to mind. The same holds true for your one-of-a-kind brand. It’s the link between what you want people to think or associate about your business and their actual perceptions. 

Without a brand identity customers are left unsure or confused as to how you can help them. 

It differentiates you from the competition 

Well thought-out brands think strategically in standing out from their competitors. Their products seem to have a life and story all their own. This can be achieved through fine-tuning your brand voice and understanding what it is that adds value to your customers lives. You have to be unique and different to make that lasting impression in business and get people to sign on the dotted line or make the purchase. 

why branding is important - by stephanie design

Branding helps you connect with customers emotionally 

You may know why your product or service is a great fit for someone, but with only an inkling of an idea to start, your customers might not! A cohesive brand expresses what your idea is all about so it “clicks” with customers and communicates your idea well. 

Branding helps grow your reputation

From the very first interaction a customer has of your business – whether it be a pricing menu, uniforms, proposals, and the final transaction and send-off at the checking counter, your brand is everywhere. A consistent brand experience, or strategy, is not only the visuals but as mentioned prior, the story and interactions and when done correctly helps position you as as the expert you are. 

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Branding can help you win more customers 

Branding helps set expectations and gives customers and clients a glimpse of what it will be like to work with you. As with increasing your reputation, it follows that it can therefore ignite action and influence prospects to reach out much more easily. A win-win! 

Branding boosts employee pride and satisfaction 

A simple clarification of your purpose can align team members around the work they’re doing. People that are aligned with your mission or values feel motivated to continue on and impress and delight their employers. 

Branding compliments your advertising efforts 

Another practical reason your branding matters is it will hold up all your advertising efforts. If you want to capture the attention of your target clientele, a compelling Brand Voice or story should be used in your promotional content to elevate your message and inspire customers to act. They’ll be able to relate better to you and ease your brand easily into their lives with the ‘who,‘what’ and most importantly, ‘why’ figured out. It’s how both strategies can work hand-in-hand for your brand and business. 

I touched-upon this recently in my email marketing post, but I encourage business owners to think creatively and intentionally when crafting their copy for promotional purposes. Skip the list of features and hit customer’s pain points. How can you best appeal to a prospects emotions in relaying your message? 

Branding with By Stephanie Design

You can really begin to see how branding pieces together all the core aspects of your business and, therefore, how necessary it is to stand out in today’s marketplace. And when managed and designed with longevity in mind, your business stands out for all the right reasons and you’re much more confident running the show! 

Interested in moving your brand or business forward? View my Showit Templates or reach out to brand your business from the ground-up! I’m excited to hear about the vision of your new website and how I can make it happen.

At By Stephanie Design my mission is to help entrepreneurs make a stunning and enduring online impression. Through Showit lets propel your business forward and equip you with the tools necessary to make us better by design. 

February 12th, 2023


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