7 Reasons why serviced-based businesses will love Showit

At some point along your entrepreneurial journey you’ve likely either worked with a marketing agency or Ian the independent designer on the creation of your website.

And maybe you told them to take over the reigns and develop a nice website while you got back to your busy work schedule, ticking off your family to-dos, and treating your cocker spaniel to a long walk at the end of the day. 

You’re in great hands, you thought. 

And that’s when the problems starting arising. They did a really decent job initially, but getting ahold of them to make updates on the fly? Forget about it. 

Or maybe a designer re-freshed your branding for new products or services you’d start offering. You’re so proud of your new modern look, but how it all fits into the content management system (the website builder) your agency used? Well, it leaves alittle to be desired. 

The above is actually real-life experiences I’ve seen first-hand from clients before I knew of the amazing website platform called Showit. I felt so bad I couldn’t help!! 

In my experience as a Graphic Designer, I’ve worked across the board designing for a variety of industries. My first internship had me designing layouts for Stainmaster but I’ve also designed brand identities for salons and spas along with a regular roster of clients in a marketing agency setting. 

But as I mentioned in this blog post, many a great designer would feel creatively-stifled in that sort of setting! 

And that’s when I decided I needed to make a change. Not only to grow my business, but to help out those that might have been in that same familiar ridiculous predicament. Spending so much money on out-dated ways of running a website! And not even having access to their own website!

I understand some of you are new to the design industry and don’t know all the jargon surrounding web design (this post touched on brand design terms) so I want to discuss why I know Showit (a website building platform) is the best option for a service-based website in 2023

reasons to use showit - by stephanie design

Your needs will change as you grow

You’re probably very ambitious and business is constantly in flux. The beauty of Showit is your website can grow with you. How? 

Need a section? Add it with a few clicks! 

Want another dedicated portfolio or service page? You can easily do that too! 

You don’t have to cram everything into a tiny cubicle of space like a sardine. 

Text can flow easily and live on the page with plenty of white space and room to breath. In my Video Training Library I show you how this is all done. 

I remember creating a promotional video in Adobe After Effects for a client who needed an industry testimonial included and thinking to myself how easier it would be if she could also add it to her site. The website her agency built her wouldn’t allow her to easily integrate those sorts of things into the homepage. 

In fact, I considered her shop too when building certain templates. If you have some products you’d like to sell you can do so right on your Showit website! The Shop and Listing Pages are already designed to compliment and match your site.

showit review - by stephanie design

You won’t feel intimidated 

With a beautiful and strategic layout completed for you, you can rest assured you can make edits down the line on your own time. If you’re ever used Photoshop or InDesign, the interface is similiar in many respects, which makes updating your site much more intuitive.

This is such a perk – you don’t need to fuss or worry your website builder is working against you in sharing your gifts and talents with your clients or customers. 

There’s simply no coding knowledge required! 

Attractive and one-of-a kind layouts

All the templates in my shop are created from scratch. There are common components every small, service-based business website needs, of course, but I like to break the mold a bit from what’s expected, too in creating that great first impression you deserve. 

When trying to convey your spirit and essence to your audience, a cookie-cutter design wont fit the mold. A personalized and strategic layout can propel your business to new heights. 

A stunning mobile site

Want a matching, mobile-optimized website to follow suit? In Showit you have control of the look of your mobile website design. I weigh this viewing audience heavily in my design decisions, giving you the most bang for your buck! 

You no longer have to worry your logo isn’t visible or the user experience isn’t the best when another platform or theme simply served you whichever format they’d like as a ‘mobile-ready’ version. In this age of many arriving at your site from their smartphones, it should be standard.

You can blog better

Showit integrates with the WordPress blogging platform which is the most powerful option for search engine optimization. I know that’s not something top of every customers mind (blogging while running a fledging business), however its a nice bonus and means you can reap SEO benefits at no additional costs if that’s a consideration! 

You can say goodbye to hiring yet another agency or calling them up again for that aspect. 

In my Video Training theres an 11-minute video dedicated specifically to the Showit and WordPress blog integration so you’re confident in managing that aspect. Easy-peasy! 

What was once an unorganized and lengthy hurdle to jump through in the race to the finish line has turned a corner into something a bit more palatable. 

Competitive Pricing 

Showit’s pricing plans are structured to best fit your needs. Need a website without a blog? The Showit Plan is the best choice. The Showit + Basic Blog is best for websites that require a blog. Lastly, the Showit + Advanced Blog gives you some added features like additional WordPress plugins, ability to open a Shop, and more.

Red carpet service

If you’re not convinced yet, this is the icing on the cake! Customer service is so important in this age of apps and subscriptions, and I’m happy to say Showit’s customer support leaves many in the dust. It’s designed to champion small businesses so you can always count on them. There are countless Help docs and one-on-one chat assist which make this possible. Every interaction I’ve had with the Showit support team was professional, helpful, and delivered within a reasonable time-frame of my initial inquiry. Along with this support, I also offer Video Training with each website purchase.

In summary – use Showit as a trusted website platform if you want the following:

  • To rank online and be found by your ideal client 

  • Be perfectly tailored to your needs and business goals

  • To provide a great experience for Mary and all of your clients. 

  • Foster a positive brand image

  • To convert browsers into loyal customers 


I’m typically not someone who gets caught up in platforms before the strategy and design phase of a project, however with the above mapped-out features and benefits it’s easy to see how ambitious designers striving to reach the next level creatively in their field can rely on Showit to make that happen. 

I think we can agree you’ll find the experience surprising. 

February 12th, 2023


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